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Classification and application characteristics of wet magnetic separator equipment
Time: Jan 19,2018

Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and versatile machines in industry, which is used to remove iron powder from powdered grains, which is widely used in resource recycling, wood industry, mining, kiln, chemistry, food and other workshops. The magnetic separator is suitable for the wet magnetic separation of the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials under 3mm granularity, and is also used in the iron removal of materials such as coal, nonmetal ore and building materials.

According to the dry and wet classification can be divided into: dry type magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator of the same cylinder can be equipped with three different forms of trough body, namely countercurrent trough body, downstream trough body, half countercurrent trough body.

(1) The half countercurrent type counter-current―― pulp to the direction and the barrel turn half the same, half opposite, with the downstream type is the pulp in the groove into a circle. Because the pulp is washed into a loose apron, can prevent inclusions, and the direction of pulp movement and magnetic direction of the same, is conducive to the recovery due to 0.5-0mm strong magnetic ore coarse, fine, sweep εβ are high, pulp surface smooth, so that the election stability. So it is widely used.

(2) Counter-flow type counter-rotation―― pulp to the direction and the tube to the contrary, concentrate on the side of the mine discharge, tailings and the other side discharged. Generally used for 0.6-0mm strong magnetic ore coarse, sweep, ε high (due to tailings discharge point away from the ore mouth far, choose full) but beta low (due to the effect of magnetic flip). (3) downstream type of co-current―― pulp to the same direction as the barrel, concentrate on the other side discharged, tailings directly discharged at the bottom, generally used for 6-0mm strong magnetic mineral coarse, select, High εβ (due to magnetic effect strong) but not suitable for the treatment of fine particles (due to the barrel and pulp relative movement speed is low, cleaning effect is poor).


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