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Cleaning method of electromagnetic iron remover
Time: Apr 17,2018

The electromagnetic iron remover is a semi automatic iron remover, which clears the magnetic impurities in the slurry by the current magnetic field generated by the DC excitation power. At present, the cleaning of electromagnetic iron removal machine is to remove the iron absorbing medium after manual power failure and carry out manual cleaning. Since the electromagnetic iron removal machine can produce a relatively high magnetic field, it is necessary to remove the iron absorbing medium of this kind of honeycomb structure after a period of time (usually 10~15 minutes). The iron absorbing medium is made up of lattice plates. As the core of the electromagnet, to improve the efficiency of removing iron, the grid plate is generally arrayed densely, and the cleaning inside the cavity is more difficult. Honeycomb type iron absorption pipeline is difficult to clean, and it must be cleaned by electricity. Single machine is difficult to realize continuous iron removal.


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