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Different types of magnetic separator, the working environment is not the same
Time: Jan 19,2018

Each mineral because of its own magnetic conductivity is different, so many magnetic separator equipment will be based on this situation to screen different minerals, for day-to-day production operations. The most common place for such magnetic separator materials is the gravel in various rivers, this sand is mainly because of its own iron elements, it is because of such characteristics, so the magnetic separator can be based on its own unique function of such raw materials for the processing of the aggregate effective recovery, Then widely used in the major construction operations.

Magnetic separator working principle and production structure for the production and processing of such mineral raw materials is very effective, the main production process can be said that the processing of a variety of pulp through the equipment of the ore box into the tank in the equipment, and then in the mine water spray pipe to reach the mine, and at the same time the magnetic field of the existence of the role of magnetism, Gradually being absorbed in the magnetic cylinder by the magnetic field, after the high-speed rotation of the cylinder, inside the concentrate will go with the cylinder to the weaker magnetic force, and then go to concentrate in the trough, because there is such a situation exists, so such equipment can be very good treatment of the work of beneficiation.


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