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How does cone crusher work?
Time: Jan 19,2018

The crushed stone principle of cone crusher is to use the working face between the cone and the motionless cone to rub the crushing ore. The movable cone is supported on the spherical bearing and is fixed on a hanging shaft, the vertical shaft is placed in the eccentric sleeve, and the eccentric sleeve is placed on the thrust bearing. The movable cone is driven by the eccentric sleeve along with the vertical shaft, and the eccentric sleeve is made by the horizontal shaft and the belt pulley and by the bevel gear. The belt pulley is driven by the V by the motor. The lower part of the vertical shaft is loaded into the eccentric sleeve, and when the eccentric sleeve rotates, a conical surface is drawn with the shaft. Thus the ore is crushed when the moving cone is near the fixed cone. The shell of the crushing cavity is composed of the upper and lower parts and is connected by bolts. The bolt is fitted with a strong spring, which is the function of the spring when the metal or other hard objects fall into the crushing cavity without damaging the crusher. If there is a metal block or other hard object (Nuts, Brazing first Class) with the ore into the crushing cavity, the fixed cone is lifted, the discharge port increase can be discharged. Sometimes cone crusher is the use of hydraulic (or hydraulic) device to adjust the size of the discharge port.


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