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How to maintain the drum of the magnetic separator?
Time: Jun 05,2018

The magnetic separator drum is a component that is prone to wear. If the wear is serious, it will cause damage to the bearings and even affect the normal production of the entire production line. For this reason, the drum of the magnetic separator should be regularly maintained to avoid damage.

There are three ways to maintain the drum of the magnetic separator:
1. Small-scale maintenance: According to their own conditions, they should perform small-scale maintenance once every six months. The specific maintenance content is: Do not remove the inner gear of the cleaning cylinder,(cycloidal wheel or planetary wheel) and each supporting and running parts, replace the cooling lubricant fluid and so on.

2. Medium scale maintenance: ensure that at least one medium scale maintenance is performed annually, depending on actual usage. Remove support, end cover, cylinder, cleaning cylinder inner wall and transmission body, check gear, cycloidal wheel, bearing wear. Check the stress area, whether the key, key groove deformation, oil seal wear and so on.

3. Large-scale maintenance: should be maintained every two years. The contents of the maintenance include unloading all parts and components, inspection, repair or replacement. All oils used for oil-impregnated electric rollers must be used strictly in accordance with the specified oil types in the instructions for use. Users must not arbitrarily change oil types to prevent the motor from burning.


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