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How to solve the problem of magnetic field intensity of magnetic separator in one step
Time: Jan 19,2018

Now the most prominent equipment in our surrounding mineral processing operations is magnetic separator. Used users know that the magnetic separator equipment is mainly reflected in the magnetic equipment above, you can say that the normal production work is also with the equipment itself magnetic inseparable. Because now a variety of building materials and sand mineral processing industry needs of different types of sand and gravel, for such raw materials can be truly applied to the processing of the operation is very few, not to mention the current production equipment in the function is not very perfect, So now all kinds of equipment in the production technology are increasingly seeking better production technology to make up for the current market technology gaps. Because the magnetic strength of the device itself is different, so in the role of magnetism will allow these materials to be processed in different directions flow, and then can be a variety of sand and gravel materials can be refined to upgrade a very large level.

It is because the magnetic separator in our life around the use of very wide, so the usual number of times will gradually increase, if coupled with the usual do not pay attention to the maintenance will appear a variety of improper use caused by the damage, magnetic separator magnetic strength and equipment maintenance is closely related. For the use of magnetic separator users must be in the purchase of equipment in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's professional guidance to reasonable maintenance of their own equipment.

The structure of magnetic separator and related technical maintenance problems.
 The main equipment of the whole magnetic separator is the base frame, the upper and lower magnetic system, the cage, the equipment shaft, as well as the trough of the concentrate and the transmission device constitute, and the various configuration structure is closely related, in the functional role is also complementary to each other, there is a special part of the deviation can not be too large, The deviation shred of the key parts can not be neglected. Here not only involves our equipment maintenance and technical maintenance, it is important to use the process in the future can be better and more convenient for their use of equipment reasonable and effective use, can save more time for users to do more things.


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