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Magnetic separation work in magnetic separator working principle
Time: Jan 19,2018

Magnetic separator is mainly the use of minerals exist between the magnetic differences, precisely because there is such a difference exists, it can be based on the relationship between the magnetic strength of the daily life of mineral selection. Just say the usual wet magnetic separator, in fact, the working principle of magnetic separator is similar, magnetic separator processing of pulp are through the ore box into a special receive pulp trough, and then there is the impact of the sprinkler, gradually showing a loose state inflow to the mining area. It is in this complex processing process, there will be some such as magnetic or magnetic chain phenomenon, in the process, due to the role of magnetic poles, so many are adsorbed on the magnetic cylinder. Because the magnetic poles on the cylinder are arranged alternately in the direction of rotation of the cylinder, they are not very fixed in the process of production.

In the process of processing, the non-magnetic minerals in these minerals will fall off during this constant flip, while those adsorbed on the magnetic separator's cylinder surface are the concentrates that are left at the same time as the equipment is produced, as such cylinders are treated with magnetic effects These concentrates will basically reach the weakest ends of the cylinder with the flip of the cylinder, at the same time, under the action of discharging water, and then into the concentrate trough of concentrate, some other minerals left after treatment are discharged to the cylinder outside, such a small mineral is tailings.

Magnetic separator equipment in the process of processing minerals, concentrate and tailings can be separated, from the above analysis seems to be mainly the following factors to determine, one is the equipment itself, the magnetic field, the degree of processing of minerals and magnetic field has a very close relationship.


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