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Overview of Magnetic Separator
Time: Jan 19,2018

Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and versatile machines in industry, which is suitable for separation of material with magnetic difference. Magnetic separator is widely used in mining, wood industry, kiln, chemical, food and other industries. As for the mining industry, the magnetic separator for the size of 50mm of manganese ore, magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite, hematite and other materials such as wet or dry magnetic separation, but also for non-metallic minerals, building materials, such as iron removal operations. Magnetic separator is divided into electromagnetic magnetic separator and Permanent magnetic separator, the magnetic system of permanent magnetic separator, the use of high-quality ferrite materials or composite with rare earth magnets, earlier, magnetic separator magnetic cylinder surface average magnetic induction 80-400mt. With the continuous development of technology, magnetic separator can be made into rolls, the magnetic field strength has been increased to 1650mT, has been the current permanent magnetic separator measured the highest magnetic field strength. and electromagnetic magnetic separator compared to permanent magnetic separator, its magnetic flux is stronger, often more effective, but because of its electromagnetic nature, power consumption, easy to damage, difficult to repair, making the budget is not high enterprises have invested in permanent magnet embrace.


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