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Three main points to ensure the good magnetic separation effect of dry type magnetic separator
Time: Jan 19,2018

Dry-type Magnetic separator is an indispensable magnetic separation equipment in the mineral processing equipment, especially suitable for the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials, such as coal, non-metallic mineral, building materials and other materials for iron removal operation.

1.Baogan-type magnetic separator to achieve good magnetic separation of the following three main points: 1, the thickness of the feeding layer to the thickness of the material and the size of the processed raw materials and magnetic mineral content. Coarse-grained raw materials are generally thicker than those of fine-grained ore seams. When dealing with coarse grade, the feed thickness should not exceed 1.5 times times of the maximum granularity, and the thickness of the feeding layer can reach about 4 times times of the maximum granularity, and the fine level can reach 10 times times. Raw materials in the magnetic mineral content, the feeding layer should be thinner. If too thick, then at the bottom of the magnetic particle is not only less magnetic, and in addition to its own weight, but also by the above non-magnetic ore particles pressure, reduce the recovery of magnetic products. Magnetic mineral content for a long, feeding layer can be appropriate thicker.

2. The vibration velocity of vibrating groove determines the time and mechanical force of the ore grains in the magnetic field. The greater the product of vibration frequency and amplitude of vibrating groove, the greater the vibration velocity and the shorter the dwell time of ore grains in magnetic field. The mechanical forces acting on the ore grains are mainly gravity and inertia forces, and gravity is a constant, and the inertia force is proportional to the square of the velocity. Weak magnetic minerals in the magnetic field by the magnetic force is not much more than gravity, therefore, if the speed of the vibrating groove exceeds a certain limit, because of the increase of inertia force, the magnetic force is not enough to absorb them well, so the weak magnetic minerals in the magnetic separator magnetic field movement speed should be lower than the strong magnetic mineral velocity.
 In general, when selected, the raw material of the monomer minerals, their magnetic strong, vibration groove vibration speed can be higher; when scanning, the raw material contains intergrowth body more, and the intergrowth body's magnetism is weaker, in order to raise the recovery rate, the vibrating groove speed should be lower. Treatment of fine materials, vibration groove frequency should be slightly higher (in favor of loose ore particles), the amplitude is smaller, while processing coarse particles, the frequency should be slightly lower, the amplitude should be larger. The suitable operating conditions should be determined by practice according to the nature of raw materials and the requirements of separation.

3, the magnetic field intensity and work clearance magnetic field intensity and working space with the processed raw material granularity, magnetism and operation requirements are closely related. When working clearance is fixed, the magnetic field strength between the two poles depends on the number of turns of the coil, the turn number is not adjustable, so the intensity of the magnetic field can be adjusted by changing the current size. The size of the magnetic field depends on the magnetic and operational requirements of the processed material. The weaker magnetic field strength should be used for processing magnetic strong minerals and selected operations. The strong magnetic field strength should be used to deal with the weaker minerals and sweep operations.

When the current is fixed, changing the working clearance size can change the magnetic field intensity and the magnetic field gradient at the same time. So the effect of changing the current and working gap is not exactly the same. Reducing the working gap will increase the magnetic field force dramatically. The size of the working space depends on the size of the processed raw material and the operation requirements. It is larger when dealing with coarse levels, smaller when dealing with thin levels. Sweep, as far as possible to adjust the work gap to the minimum to improve the recovery; When selected, it is best to increase the gap between the work, reduce the uneven distribution of magnetic field between the two poles and increase the distance between the magnetic particle to disk teeth, to increase the selectivity of separation, improve the grade of magnetic products At the same time, it is necessary to increase the current to compensate for the decrease of magnetic field intensity due to the increase of working gap.


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