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What are the causes of broken cone fault of spring cone crusher
Time: Jan 19,2018

(1) dynamic cone and cone shaft hole axis, the actual use can not achieve full overlap, even the parallel space is not easy to achieve. The factors that affect the spatial accuracy of the two axis lines are the actual installation of the spherical tile, the joint clearance between vertical shaft and cone, the mating clearance between eccentric shaft and straight copper sleeve, the radial interaction between spherical tile and body, the wear of the spherical tile and the spherical tile, the wear of the sphere and the support plane of the fuselage.

(2) The lubricant oil quantity is insufficient or not clean, causes the main axle and the cone bushing, the spherical bearing and the cone spherical surface lubrication does not aggravate the friction heat production, causes the oil temperature to be too high, the oil dilution.

(3) Parts manufacturing errors, such as: vertical axis or cone sleeve of the cone difference, eccentric shaft eccentric angle error, as well as the shaft, the surface roughness and other factors will lead to the main axis and cone-suite local contact and friction, speeding up the rotation of the cone.

(4) The gap between the spindle and cone sleeve is too small, there are two main factors: first, the new installation of the cone-type sleeve, in the adjustment gap did not adjust as required; Second, through a period of time running, due to insufficient lubrication, so that the cone sleeve overheating deformation and contraction caused by.


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