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What Are The Classification Of Cone Crusher Equipment?
Time: Jan 19,2018

Cone Crusher Equipment According to the different nature of the spring, can be divided into mechanical spring cone crusher and hydraulic spring cone crusher.

The hydraulic cone crusher can be divided into two kinds, which are spindle fixed type and floating type, according to the different adjustment mode of discharging port. The adjustment of the main shaft fixed discharge port is to adjust the discharging port through the fixed cone screw moving up and down, the advantage of this adjustment method is that the discharging port is easy to be locked; the adjustment of the main axis floating outlet is to adjust the discharge port through the main spindle fluctuation, and the insufficiency is that the discharging port is difficult to lock when crushing the hard mine.

Hydraulic Cone crusher can also be divided into coarse broken cycle crusher, medium crushing standard cone crusher and finely chopped short head cone crusher according to different uses.


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