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What are the troubleshooting methods of iron remover
Time: Apr 11,2018

1. fault phenomenon: the iron can not be exciter.
 Treatment methods:
 Check whether the main loop contactor is damaged, and control whether the circuit is damaged.
 Check whether the rectifier diode is in good condition. The positive and negative resistances of each diode are measured in a multimeter in turn.
 Check whether the main circuit of the main circuit is burned or not, and whether the parallel circuit breaker is acting.
 Check whether the disk type iron remover is at the working position.

2. fault phenomenon: in addition to the iron fault trip. Treatment methods:
Check whether the wiring in the control cabinet is good, and whether the insulation is normal.
Check whether the resistance is normal.
In addition to whether the cable insulation is normal, whether the water in the junction box is flooded or not, and if necessary, we need to dry it.

3. fault phenomenon: overlimit alarm.
Treatment methods:
Check the walking limit and close to the switch is good, distance should not be too far or too close, too far away the time limit is not correct, too close to damage close to the switch.


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