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Vector Control Inverter

EM303BSeries open circuit inverter The EM303B series inverter is a high performance vector controlled inverter which is introduced by the sine electric. This product adopts the international advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, not only the speed regulating performance of the...

Product Description

Vector Control Inverter
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EM303BSeries open circuit inverter

The EM303B series inverter is a high performance vector controlled inverter which is introduced by the sine electric. This product adopts the international advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, not only the speed regulating performance of the asynchronous motor to achieve comparable to DC motor control performance and effect, can make the ordinary asynchronous motor reaches a torque motor, the motion control system requires fast response and accurate control of the stability of the system.

 1.Speed sensorless SVC current vector control, Current control precision 5%, Steady speed control precision of + 7.5rpm;
 2.Vectorization Based VVF control based on vector control method, the steady state performance is the same as that of standard vector control;
 3.Wide range of speed, low frequency band, SVC/0.5Hz/150% load, VVF/1.0Hz/150% load
 4.Automatically search motor speed, smooth without impact speed tracking
 5.0.1s arbitrary plus and deceleration, automatic flow limiting, automatic voltage stabilization, to ensure motor no fault optimal control
 6.Automatically restraining the impact load of the motor and ensuring the motor's failure to run continuously
 7.Two modes of supporting linear acceleration and deceleration and S curve plus deceleration
 8.The frequency converter automatically enters the corresponding optimal state of overvoltage and overcurrent stall, and can better control the current and voltage of the frequency converter.
9.The dual core CPU control has greatly improved the performance and stability of the single core CPU

Technology specification




quota power voltage

Three phase 380V±20%, 50~60Hz±5%, voltage Unbalance rate


Max output voltage

The maximum output voltage is the same as the input power supply voltage

output quota current

100% continuous output of rated current

Maximum overload current

10SecondsG type machine time is:150% quota current one minute, 180% quota current 10seconds
       10SecondsP type machine time is:120% quota current one minute, 180% quota current 10seconds

Control function

drive mode

V/F Open loop control, no PG vector mode,

input mode

Frequency (velocity) input and moment input


Keyboard, control terminal (second line control, three line control)RS485

Frequency control range


Input frequency resolution

Digital input: 0.01Hz; analog input: 0.1%of max frequency.

speed rate

1:50(Space vector), 1:100(no PG vector SVC)

Speed control precision

Rated synchronous speed of + 0.2%

Acceleration deceleration time



Voltage / frequency characteristics

The rated output voltage is adjustable from 20% to 100%, and the basic frequency 20Hz to 600Hz can be adjusted

Torque lifting

Automatic torque hoisting, fixed torque hoisting curve, custom V/F curve optional

Starting torque

150%/1Hz(Space vector VF)、150%/0.5Hz(NO PG vector SVC)

Torque control precision

±5%(no PG vector 1)quota torque

Output voltage self adjustment

When the AVR function is effective, the input voltage changes and the output voltage remains unchanged.

Automatic current limiting

Automatically limit the output current to avoid frequent overcurrent tripping

DC brake

Braking frequency: 0.1~60Hz, Braking time: 0~30s
       Braking current: 0~150%quota current

Signal input source

Communication, analog voltage, analog current, multi section speed, simple PLC and its combination

Special function control

Textile pendulum frequency

Realization of textile swing frequency function of swing frequency amplitude, swing frequency time and swing frequency jump

in/output function

reference power


terminal control power


digital input terminal

7 Loop digital programmable input terminal

analog input terminal

4 loop analog input: 2loop voltage0~10V input
       2loop current 0~20mA input

Digital output terminal

2 road open collector output, 1 relay output, can be programmed
       The maximum output current of the collector output 50mA; the relay contact capacity 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/1A, operation: EA-EC close, EB-EC shut down.

analog output terminal

2 way programmable analog output terminal, output 0~10V or 0~20mA

Keyboard display

LED display

Related information of digital tube display frequency converter

Parameter copy

Code information that can be uploaded and downloaded to achieve fast parameter replication


protection function

Short circuit, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, overheating, external failure, etc.


Installation location

Indoor, less than 1 kilometers above sea level, dust free, non corrosive gas, and no direct sunlight

Applicable environment

-10℃~+40℃, 20%~90%RH(Non condensation)


less than 0.5g




Wall hanging type, ground control cabinet, wall type

protection grade



Air cooling

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