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Dry Magnetic Separator For Ore

Magnetite magnetic separator is one of the more widely used in the aircraft industry, high versatility, used in the removal of iron powder particles in magnetic separator, widely used in recycling, timber industry, mining, ceramics, chemical, food and other factories. Magnetic separator is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore and ilmenite and other materials with particle size below 3mm. It is also used for iron removal of materials such as coal, non-metallic minerals and building materials. The magnetic system of the magnetic separator is made up of high quality ferrite materials or with the rare earth magnetic steel. The average magnetic induction intensity of the previous cylindrical surface is 100-600mT. At present, because of the development of technology, magnetic separator can be made of roll shape, and the intensity of magnetic field is also increased to 1644.3T. has been a higher field intensity at present.

Product Description

Dry Magnetic Separator For Ore

Magnetic Separator Machine

How does a magnetic separator work?

After cleaning and grading mineral mixture, the magnetic materials of the mixture are separated by magnetic force and mechanical force due to the different specific magnetic coefficients of various minerals. After the preliminary separation of the magnetic separator, the mineral particles are sent to the flotation machine, and different minerals are added according to the different mineral properties, so that the mineral and other substances must be separated.

Combined beneficiation process for wet magnetite, mainly for mineral grade three after magnetic treatment, wet magnetic separation, magnetic field strength selected is 400 ~ 1200GS, the magnetic roller speed of 60~320 rpm, the wet material produced by dehydration of iron concentrate powder, general iron content in 35% ore by this method, magnetic separation of iron concentrate powder iron content is 68 ~ 70%, the combined process method, ore utilization rate reached 90%, in the process of water consumption, save water, reduce costs, reduce pollution, dust in the dust removal device by the magnetic trap, will not cause air pollution, this method is a kind of production high efficiency, good product quality, creative process without environmental pollution.

3. magnetite magnetic separator principle:

Magnetite magnetic separator advantage:

1, the sorting effect is good: as the machine adopts dynamic magnetic system design, the mineral material is sliding, displaced and rolled on the surface of the roller, and the roller does not touch material, which is good for material sorting. The primary grade can be increased by 1-4 times, and the quality of a selected grade can reach over 60%.

2, the processing capacity is large: because the company adopts the open magnetic system, the material is not wrapped up and no blockage, so the processing capacity is large. The primary ore processing machine of a single primary machine can reach more than 50 tons, and it can also be used in parallel with multiple machines, so that the output can be doubled.

3, adapt to the industry wide: the company's dry magnetic separator, divided into four categories, there are more than 20 varieties and specifications and models. It can meet all kinds of industries such as iron ore, river sand, tailings, steel slag, steel ash, sulfuric acid residue, abrasives, refractories, plate making, rubber, grain and many other industries. Some devices can also be used for many purposes.

4, the high production efficiency: dry without water, and therefore are not restricted by water, perennial continuous production of dry regions, alpineseasonal water shortage area, area, increase of 100-150 working days each year, effectively improve the utilization rate of equipment.

Technical parameters of dry magnetic separator:

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