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Mining Electromagnetic Pulp Magnetic Separator

he magnetic field is high, the magnetic field is evenly distributed, the gradient is high, and the iron removal is obvious.The mesh is made of special materials, and the electromagnetic coil has no residual magnetism after the power is off.Automatic operation, no manual operation, easy to remove iron, no residual.Application range: the slurry electromagnetic iron removal machine is widely used in the removal of iron powder, micro iron powder and magnetic material in ceramic, mining, chemical, electronic, food and other industries.

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Mining Electromagnetic Pulp Magnetic Separator

PTMS Electromagnetic Separation

What Is Electromagnetic Separation?

Beneficial effects of this utility model is: due to the cooling oil in the cooling water tank top exposure, can easily observe the fouling and plugging dirty within the cooling water tank, and can easily dirty plugging and scale of the cooling water tank to clean up, avoid the cooling water after long time scale and dirty plugging caused by the heat transfer problem of poor effect.

High magnetic field, uniform distribution of magnetic field, high gradient and obvious iron removal;Cooling system adopts forced water cooling, the circulation is good, can make about 20 ℃ temperature drop, prolong the service life of the electromagnetic wire;The brake valve adopts the imported material, the valve body is strong and durable, no slurry overflow after closing;The mesh is made of special materials, and after the excitation coil is broken, there is no residual magnetism, which is easy to remove iron.

Electromagnetic slurry separator is a magnetic separation field for separating solid material from fluid. It comprises an electromagnetic coil, an electromagnetic coil is arranged in the cooling tank, the cooling tank is arranged in the cooling water, cooling water pipe is characterized in that: the cooling water tank, the upper end of the cooling water tank open mouth.

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