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According to the working form the high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator can be divided into dry type and wet type
Time: Apr 21,2024

Silica Sand Processing Line

According to the working form, the high gradient PTMS Electromagnetic Separator can be divided into dry type and wet type. The interaction of magnetic media and particles is used to improve the processing capacity of magnetic field force and magnetic separator, which is mainly used to solve the sorting problem of fine-particle minerals. The alternating magnetic field magnetic separator uses the alternating current electromagnet as the magnetic source, and the size and direction of the magnetic field strength change with time.


The pulsating magnetic field PTMS Electromagnetic Separator uses the electromagnet with both direct current and alternating current as the magnetic source. The size of the magnetic field intensity changes with time, but the direction is unchanged. Magnetic separation equipment can be divided into permanent magnet magnetic separator and electromagnetic magnetic separator according to the magnetic source classification. The magnetization coefficient of the weak magnetic mineral materials sorted by the strong magnetic field magnetic separator is below 1.810-5m / kg.

what is magnetic separation in Quartz ?

Permanent magnet PTMS Electromagnetic Separator uses ferrite, ndfeb and other permanent magnet materials to produce working magnetic field, while electromagnetic magnetic separation machine uses electromagnetic iron, screw tube and conductive magnet to generate magnetic field.

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