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Advantages of super strong PTMS magnetic separator Save on maintenance
Time: Jan 30,2023

Wet magnetic separator

The processes of the ultra-strong PTMS magnetic separator include bulk dry separation, coarse preseparation, coarse separation, select and sweep separation. Magnetic separators include magnetic pulleys with strong magnetic fields and coarse wet magnetic separators. Various magnetic separation machines have different structural characteristics to adapt to different mineral processing processes in the process of super permanent magnet iron remover.

PTMS magnetic separation

Advantages of ultra-strong PTMS magnetic separator are: light weight. Natural cooling electromagnetic iron remover compact structure, small volume, less accessory equipment, light weight, no forced oil cooling oil pump. Investment is low. The equipment is equipped with natural oil cooling circulation cooling device. No heat dissipation, high economy. At the same time, it also adopts the closed natural cooling cycle. The structure of the circulation system is simple, there is no need to refuel often, and the cooling fuel consumption is less, so the use cost is low.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

Maintenance province. Ultra strong PTMS magnetic separator device is light weight. Easy to operate and easy to maintain. Equipment natural circulation oil system structure is simple and not easy to leak oil. Control system loop less. Stability. Equipment natural circulation oil system structure is simple. With fewer electrical components, the possibility of local electrical faults is reduced, and the stability of the equipment is relatively high.

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