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Application of pipeline PTMS magnetic separator in the process of use
Time: Mar 25,2023

feldspar mineral processing

Before starting the machine, the operator must open the orifice cover to check whether there are any large iron parts that cannot be discharged on the inner partition of the PTMS magnetic separator (especially the outlet). If there is, it must be cleared before startup.

The felt strip inside the sprocket cover of the machine side and the felt ring under the big sprocket are arranged to ensure the sealing and effective breathing of the case. The felt ring should be replaced in time after long-term use.

PTMS magnetic separator

Once a mechanical fault occurs to the PTMS magnetic separator of the pipeline and the production line is temporarily inconvenient to stop, the power supply of the machine can be turned off and the operator takes out the miscellaneous iron from the observation port. The production line can continue to work. But at the same time should be timely with professional maintenance, non-professional personnel shall not arbitrarily open the boot cover, so as not to cause damage to the parts. Oil resistant sealant must be applied before each closing.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

Dust on the PTMS magnetic separator reducer motor should be removed every shift. Add calcium-based grease to the oil filling hole and the chain at the side of the reducer motor once every six months; Replace the lubricating oil in the oil groove at the bottom of the chassis every 12 months. If the material temperature is higher than 100 ° C, shorten the oil change time.

If the powder medium size (≤1mm) ferromagnetic content is higher. Iron outlet discharge in the entrain out of the powder will increase, this is a normal phenomenon.

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