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Application of PTMS magnetic separator in mineral processing of rare metal ores
Time: Sep 18,2023

Silica Sand Processing Line

The magnetic mineral particles are attracted by the magnetic force and attached to the cylinder of PTMS magnetic separator. After being brought to a certain height, they fall off the cylinder. Non-magnetic particles are not attracted by magnetic forces. Results Magnetic and non-magnetic ore particles were separated and two kinds of products were obtained. Magnetic separation is the main method for separating ferrous ores, especially magnetite ores and manganese ores.

PTMS magnetic separator

PTMS magnetic separator PTMS magnetic separator consists of natural and artificial magnets. Artificial magnets are divided into two kinds: one is made of magnetic materials (such as magnetic alloys, ceramic magnets, etc.), called permanent magnets; The other is to wrap a coil around the outside of the iron core, when the coil is passed into the direct current, magnetic, magnetic magnets disappear after the power failure, called electromagnets.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi?

The magnetic field is divided into uniform magnetic field and non-uniform magnetic field. In a uniform magnetic field, the strength and direction of the magnetic field at any point are the same. For example, this is the case in the middle of two relatively close planar magnetic poles. PTMS magnetic separator is also widely used in mineral processing of rare metal ores.

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