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Cleaning the PTMS Magnetic Separator rod is the key to ensure the effect of iron removal
Time: Aug 30,2022

Magnetic separation process

Cleaning PTMS Magnetic Separator rod is the key to ensure the effect of iron removal, especially the high gradient Magnetic field, its radial attenuation is faster, the effective Magnetic path is shorter; Only by cleaning the working surface of the magnetic bar (block) in time, can the magnetic field and gradient function be played normally. The time between cleaning should depend on the amount of iron in the pulp (powder) combined with empirical data.

PTMS magnetic separator

The oxidation (rust) of the Magnetic rod (core) will lead to the weakening of the Magnetic field, so when the PTMS Magnetic Separator is not used, the Magnetic source carrier must be cleaned up; In addition to the purchase of ferromagnetic rod, must check whether the sealing of both ends is intact, can not leak seam, to prevent the use of magnetic core contact slurry to make oxidation or corrosion and demagnetization.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

Both knocking and vibration will change the direction of part of the magnetic moment of the magnetic source material, thereby weakening the magnetic field. The operator must be very careful. In order to solve the current demand for iron removal equipment in ceramic industry, our company has launched a high-strength Magnetic field permanent magnet automatic high-efficiency PTMS Magnetic Separator. After practical application in several enterprises, the effect is ideal and the design index is reached.

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