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Continuous high-gradient strong PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR sorting of weak magnetic minerals
Time: Mar 12,2024

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

High gradient strength PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR can produce a large magnetic field force when the background field strength is not high, and the recovery of material less than 20pm is better. High gradient strong magnetic separation machine has periodic type and continuous type, periodic type is mainly used for the purification of some minerals or materials, to remove the magnetic impurities in the material. Continuous high gradient strong magnetic separator soil should be used for the selection of fine grain weak magnetic minerals.


There are two kinds of continuous high gradient strong PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, one is LG-1700 (equivalent to the Swedish Sala high gradient magnetic machine), is a flat ring high gradient strong magnetic machine, so that the magnetic field produces a high gradient, is conducive to the sorting of fine grain materials. The other is the SLON vertical pulsation high gradient magnetic separator, which is located in the slurry tank, which is equipped with a pulsation mechanism, which has the effect of recoil concentrate, and is conducive to the recovery of fine grain materials.

what is magnetic separation in chemistry?

The discharge area is located away from the magnetic pole, which can prevent or reduce the blockage of magnetic objects. At present, some concentrators have used PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment to classify weak magnetic minerals, and have achieved good results.

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