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Conventional PTMS Electromagnetic Separator process conditions reduce production costs
Time: Dec 02,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

In addition, the raw ore extracted by sublevel caving without bottom pillar will inevitably mix a large amount of waste rock, which will reduce the grade of the raw ore, and increase the production cost when the conventional process conditions are used for sorting. In order to develop and utilize lean magnetite reasonably and economically, the pre-selected PTMS Electromagnetic Separator process must be adopted.


In the whole process of PTMS Electromagnetic Separator separation, the poor magnetite can be treated with low cost. In the process of magnetic mineral separation, grinding is a link with the highest energy consumption and the largest production cost.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

If most of the waste stone in the lean magnetite can be removed before grinding, the grinding cost of the waste stone can be saved, and the grade of the selected ore can be improved to an economical and reasonable grade. The magnetite, which cannot be developed and used in the conventional PTMS Electromagnetic Separator process because of its high production cost, is changed into a useful ore with development and utilization value.

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