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Conventional PTMS magnetic separator flotation method for ilmenite
Time: Sep 09,2023

Silica Sand Processing Line

The conventional PTMS magnetic separator flotation method of ilmenite uses oleic acid and soap, oxidized paraffin soap, tar oil and other agents to collect and flotation separation of ilmenite. Among them, oleic acid and its soap are the most commonly used collectors of ilmenite. The technology is mature, and the collection performance can be improved by heating up, increasing oxygen content and adding emulsifier.


In order to improve the flotation index, inhibitors such as sodium silicate, sodium hmetaphosphate and acidified sodium silicate can be added to inhibit gangue minerals such as quartz and titanaugite. PTMS magnetic separator flotation is carried out on ilmenite when pH value is 4.0~6.0. The flocculation flotation method includes selective flocculation flotation method and hydrophobic flocculation flotation method. The flocculation flotation method of ilmenite is mainly realized by adding flocculant such as polyacrylamide to selectively flocculate micro-fine ilmenite.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

This kind of PTMS magnetic separator flotation method has certain advantages in the flotation of ilmenite fine particles. Ilmenite agglomeration flotation method is to adsorb the collector on the surface of ilmenite to make ilmenite particles float as a whole. This method has higher requirements for stirring, and the higher the stirring intensity, the more hydrophobic the surface of the ore particles is promoted, and it is easy to condense into a group.

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