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Determination of suitable working gap for wet permanent MAGNETIC PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Time: Feb 18,2024

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

The determination of suitable working gap of wet permanent magnet PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, the accurate determination of working gap can be carried out during the maintenance, put a piece of plasticine near both ends of the bottom plate, and then install the tank, add the gasket, and then put down the tank, take out the plasticine to measure the thickness of the squashing is the accurate value of the working gap. Rough measurement can open the drawing holes at both ends of the tank, reach out to feel the gap, you can know its rough value.


PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is one of the most widely used and highly versatile machines in the industry. It is used to remove iron powder from the re-use of powder particles. The magnetic separator is widely used in resource recovery, wood industry, mining industry, kiln industry, chemical industry, food and other factories. The magnetic separator is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore, ilmenite and other materials with particle size below 3mm, and is also used for iron removal of coal, non-metallic ore, building materials and other materials.

what is magnetic bead separation?

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is made of high quality ferrite material or composite with rare earth magnetic steel. Previously, the average magnetic induction intensity of the cylinder was 800-4000mT. At present, due to the development of technology, the magnetic separator can be made into a roller shape, and the magnetic field strength has also been increased to 8000mT. This is the highest field strength ever measured.

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