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Disc PTMS magnetic separator is a commonly used dry device
Time: Sep 25,2023

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

PTMS magnetic separator is a common dry magnetic separator. Because the working part of the magnetic ore particles is a disk, it is called the disk magnetic separators. The disk series is mainly composed of a "mountain" shaped magnetic system, a rotating disk suspended above the magnetic system and a vibration trough. The magnetic system and the disk form a closed magnetic circuit. The disc is like a tipped saucer with a pointed edge, and its diameter is about half larger than the width of the vibrating groove.


PTMS magnetic separator The PTMS magnetic separator is driven by a special motor through a worm gear reducer. Rotating the handwheel can make the disk lift vertically (the mediation range is 0 ~ 20mm) to adjust the distance between the disk and the vibration groove or magnetic system. The distance between the edge of the disc and the vibration groove gradually decreases along the direction of the material. The vibration groove is fastened to the frame by six spring plates and driven by an eccentric vibration mechanism.

what is magnetic bead separation?

In order to pre-separate the strong magnetic minerals in the raw material and prevent the strong magnetic minerals from clogging the gap between the edge of the disc and the vibration tank, the feed end of the vibration tank is equipped with a weak magnetic field PTMS magnetic separator (also known as the feed cylinder).

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