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Dry PTMS magnetic separator for limonite mineral processing has no pollution to the environment
Time: Sep 13,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

The dry PTMS magnetic separator of limonite mineral processing allows the waste ore and slag to be effectively developed and utilized, improves the resource utilization rate, and can produce considerable economic benefits. It is a high-return project with less investment and quick results. We provide customers with a complete set of limonite beneficiation dry PTMS magnetic separator equipment production line, and on-site commissioning of the machine for customers, for users to train operation and maintenance personnel to ensure the normal operation of the production line.


The main function of dry PTMS magnetic separator equipment for limonite mineral processing is to remove impurities, improve grade and achieve sales. Equipment for poor limonite, poor manganese ore, poor hematite and other weak magnetic black metal ore or slag sorting and impurity removal, the raw ore concentrate and impurity separation, so as to improve the metal grade of concentrate.

what is magnetic separation method?

Dry PTMS magnetic separator equipment for limonite ore separation has the following advantages: the magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic roll of the equipment is up to 12000GS, and the maximum can reach 15000GS. It has a magnetic attraction that other equipment can not reach, and meets the requirements of efficient separation of low-grade weakly magnetic ore. Generally, the grade of lean limonite can be increased by more than 10 degrees. Sorting poor limonite and poor limonite can improve the grade by more than 8 degrees.

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