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Dry PTMS magnetic separator has a non-stick cylinder and a clean separator
Time: Oct 13,2023

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

Dry PTMS magnetic separator uses today's best performance of high-quality NdFeb materials as magnetic source. Ndfeb material has a high magnetic field strength, a single magnetic block magnetic field strength up to 5000 gauss, high magnetic field strength to ensure the first recovery rate of magnetic separation, strong and stable magnetic source and high-performance magnetic circuit design, so that the recovery rate of iron ore in the dry dressing process of more than 95%;


PTMS magnetic separator is magnetically stable and maintains lasting stability even in harsh working environments. Demagnetization does not exceed 5% at room temperature. The magnetic system adopts an open composite magnetic system, which effectively increases the magnetic turnover force and speed in the mineral processing process, and the regular step-by-step decline can not only ensure the high recovery rate of iron powder but also improve the grade of iron concentrate.

what is magnetic separation method for concentration of ore?

Dry PTMS magnetic separator has the advantages of non-stick cylinder, non-wrapping, clean separation and high yield. Its magnetic field lines are almost all four layers of ferrite, the magnetic field grade does not change, the iron ore tumbling effect is poor, further causing the magnetic separation surface running ore. It is not only the ore resources that have run away, but also the investment costs of investors are rising. It has brought considerable economic profits to mineral processing investors. Therefore, it has been favored by mineral processing developers in recent years.

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