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There are great differences in the beneficiation process of PTMS magnetic separator of ilmenite
Time: Sep 16,2023

Silica Sand Processing Line

The PTMS magnetic separator process of ilmenite varies greatly according to different deposit types. In primary ilmenite, ilmenite mostly exists in the form of vanadium titanium-magnetite. Most of the titanium in this kind of ore exists in the form of independent ilmenite, and a small amount of titanium in the form of titanium-magnetite is associated with magnetite, which is difficult to separate. In addition, it contains other titanium minerals such as rutile.


In general, the grade of primary ilmenite concentrate is difficult to exceed 48%, and the sand type, especially the sea sand ilmenite weathered by pegmatite, can select a grade of more than 50% of titanium concentrate. PTMS magnetic separator is one of the most common gravity separation equipment. It can process coarse, medium and fine particles and has a very good effect on the removal of impurities from aluminum ores.

how to separate two magnets?

There are mainly two kinds of impurities in aluminum ore, one is a kind of clay sand like waste stone, the other is associated with aluminum ore gangue, in order to remove impurities from aluminum ore, you can consider from two aspects. One is to remove clay-like impurities by tin ore, and the other is to remove associated gangue by PTMS magnetic separator.

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