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Hematite PTMS magnetic separator separation includes separation preparation and separation operation
Time: May 26,2023

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Hematite PTMS magnetic separator separation includes separation preparation and separation operation. Most hematite has high compressive hardness and wear resistance, so multi-stage crushing and grinding should be used in the grinding preparation operation, in order to improve the processing capacity of beneficiation preparation operation, more use of three-stage crushing + two-stage grinding. In the selection of crushing equipment, we should consider the use of crushing equipment that can adapt to high hardness ore and reduce the replacement times of wearing parts.

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Since most hematite ore belongs to fine particle distribution, the grinding products entering the separation operation are required to have finer particle size, so the processing capacity of the mill is limited to a certain extent. At this time, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the granularity of grinding, in order to increase the processing capacity of grinding operation, which is the main limiting link in the beneficiation operation. PTMS magnetic separator process is the most used process for hematite beneficiation. Because hematite has weak magnetism,

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Therefore, beneficiation is mainly the use of PTMS magnetic separator process, magnetic separation field requirements above 10000 gauss, dry magnetic separation operation can be slightly reduced, for part of the earth hematite and the need for fine grinding operations may need a stronger magnetic separation equipment; When gangue minerals are silicate minerals with high iron content, the magnetic field intensity should not be too strong, so as to avoid the reduction of concentrate grade.

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