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How on earth are rare earth minerals selected by PTMS magnetic separator
Time: Sep 12,2023

Quartz Processing line 

Electrical beneficiation: It is better to understand that rare earth ore is a non-good conductor, so it can be separated with electrical conductivity and other minerals with good electrical conductivity, and this method is also more commonly used in placer selection. With the development of strong magnetic technology, this PTMS magnetic separator will become more and more common in the mineral processing methods of rare earth minerals.

PTMS magnetic separator

Chemical PTMS magnetic separator: Rare earth ore grows on clay in the form of an ion for a long time, so the rare earth can be used to concentrate the characteristics of sodium chloride and ammonium sulfate solution. The rare earth ore is collected by flotation method and then purified by chemical separation method. This method is not used much at present.

what is magnetic bead separation?

We are specialized in providing limonite beneficiation equipment (limonite dry PTMS magnetic separator), which belongs to high magnetic field equipment. The equipment is used for the dry process of limonite beneficiation equipment of low grade weak magnetic ferrous metal ores, which can improve the ore grade of 5-18 metals at one time. The equipment technology is mature and reliable, stable performance, advanced technology, many customers have achieved good economic benefits after use.

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