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How the bearing of the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR affects the machine operation
Time: Jun 08,2024

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

Load and working environment: PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR When working, it is often necessary to deal with materials containing a large number of ferromagnetic impurities. These impurities can cause additional impact and friction on the bearing, causing faster wear of the bearing. In addition, if there is dust and moisture in the working environment, they will also invade the bearing gap and aggravate wear.


Material quality problem: the material quality of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR bearing is also an important factor affecting its wear speed. If the bearing material has poor fatigue resistance, insufficient hardness or poor uniformity, it will show rapid wear after a long time of work.

Poor lubrication: the normal operation of the bearing is inseparable from the proper lubrication. If the lubrication is insufficient or an improper lubricant is used, the bearings will produce excessive heat when working, accelerating the fatigue and wear of the material.

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Improper installation and adjustment: The installation accuracy and adjustment parameters of the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR bearing have a direct impact on its service life. If the bearing installation is concentric, the gap is not adjusted properly, or the fastening bolts are loose, it will cause additional vibration and stress during operation, which will accelerate wear.

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