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How to drive and do the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR in the parking
Time: Apr 03,2024

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

Centralized control driving: after hearing the preparatory signal of centralized control driving, immediately confirm the integrity of the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR equipment under its jurisdiction. If allowed to put the transfer switch in the centralized control position. Otherwise, press the no-drive button immediately and report to the shift leader. Drive on site: the equipment should be fully checked and kept in good condition before driving.


Check whether the feeding pipe, distribution bucket, feeding box, receiving box and flushing pipe are smooth, and whether the valve is flexible and easy to use. PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR Whether all parts of the equipment are normal, and whether there is no debris falling into the machine slot. Rotate the elastic coupling with the hand disc for a week to confirm no movement and magnetic phenomenon. After receiving the start signal, start the equipment after confirming the inspection.

what is magnetic separation in science?

Centralized parking: after receiving a centralized parking signal, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. Confirm that there is no incoming material on the equipment and the equipment is stopped. Local parking: after receiving the parking signal, after the material in the thin medium warehouse is processed, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR cannot select the magnetite powder, then stop the feeding first, and then stop.

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