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How to ensure the iron removal effect of PTMS Magnetic Separator
Time: Sep 24,2022

dry magnetic separator

PTMS Magnetic Separator equipment in addition to the installation of the most important is in addition to the effect of iron, so the effect of iron equipment is mainly affected by the cooling effect of electromagnets, good cooling effect is an important factor to maintain the strong Magnetic field is not sharply weakened, the iron near the Magnetic field is also has a certain effect on the effect of iron. Furthermore, the thickness of coal seam has a certain impact on the effect of iron removal.

PTMS magnetic separation

PTMS Magnetic Separator formulates a system to strictly implement the system of who loses power and who delivers power. The 101 belt must be out of operation before maintenance. It is strictly prohibited to repair the belt while in operation. Clean the iron from the iron remover and clean the surrounding impurities before repair.

what is magnetic separation?

When climbing to repair PTMS Magnetic Separator, maintenance personnel must use safety rope, safety belt, etc. Before maintenance, maintenance personnel must understand the working principle of the equipment and the performance of the parts inspected by the iron remover, and prepare the tools needed for maintenance

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