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How to operate the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR for good effect
Time: Feb 22,2024

water cooled electromagnetic Separator for Silica Sand

First of all, we must first grind the ore for monomer dissociation, so that we can smoothly carry out the sorting operation, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR other indicators are largely dependent on the operation of the grinding operation. If the materials are not sufficiently separated in the grinding operation, the selected indicators will not be good. Also, the ground mineral should not be too fine,


In this way, the particles of the material exceed the index, which will also reduce the effect of beneficiation. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn here that in order to achieve a good effect of PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR materials, it is not only related to the beneficiation method, but also through various experiments to determine what the requirements of the magnetic separator are for the particles, so as to better carry out the sorting operation.

what is magnetic separation method?

Due to the hardness of iron ore is relatively large, the magnetic separator in the magnetic separation process, the magnetic drum shell will continue to be affected by 0 ~ 15 granular iron ore, wear is serious, and the phenomenon of magnetic drum shell wear often occurs in the industry. Therefore, PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR shell must be strengthened to protect, so what are the specific protective measures?

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