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Identify the requirements and use before selecting the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Time: May 20,2024

Silica Sand Processing Line

Clear needs and uses, before choosing PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, first to clear their own needs and uses. Weak magnetic ore: the magnetism of this kind of ore is relatively weak, such as hematite. A strong magnetic field is required for an effective separation. Non-magnetic ore: These ores hardly show magnetic properties in the magnetic field, such as quartz ore.


Different requirements will have different requirements on the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR performance parameters. Is it used for the handling of heavy objects, or for the fixation of precision parts? Suction size: suction is the core performance parameter of electromagnetic magnet, which directly determines the maximum weight of adsorption. The appropriate suction size should be selected according to the actual demand.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

Response time: The shorter the response time, the faster the PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR reaction speed when it needs to adsorb or release objects, thus improving the work efficiency. High temperature resistance: In a high temperature environment, the performance of the electromagnet magnet may be affected. Therefore, if the working environment temperature is high, should choose the electromagnet with good high temperature resistance.

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