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Improving the grade of PTMS magnetic separator concentrate is mainly based on two aspects: process and equipment
Time: Nov 29,2023

Quartz Processing line 

The iron content of hematite is generally 50% to 60%, containing harmful impurities sulfur and phosphorus are less, and the reduction is better than magnetite, so hematite is a better iron making raw material. Hematite has both primary and wild, regenerated hematite. The magnetite loses its magnetism after oxidation, but still retains the crystalline shape of the magnetite. The hematite often contains some residual magnetite, which requires PTMS magnetic separator for iron removal.


Sometimes hematite also contains some weathered products of hematite, such as limonite hematite with semi-metallic luster, crystallizer hardness of 5.5 ~ 6, soil hematite hardness is very low, no cleavage, relative density of 4.9 ~ 5.3, only weak magnetic, beneficiation method can be used to PTMS magnetic separator magnetic separation.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi?

To improve the grade of PTMS magnetic separator concentrate, mainly from the process and equipment two aspects, in general, change the magnetic circuit, as well as the comprehensive field force separation, change the tank of the magnetic separator. In this way, the concentrate grade of the magnetic separator will be improved, and the magnetic separation process will be more refined.

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