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Magnetic dewatering tank is used to barrel-type PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR
Time: Dec 01,2023

Quartz Processing line 

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is mostly used in magnetic separation equipment, and its bottom groove is countercurrent type and semi-countercurrent type. There are also examples of magnetic dewatering tank for desliming at home and abroad. Strong magnetic separation of weak magnetic iron minerals: strong magnetic separators have been successfully developed, making it possible to use magnetic separation methods alone to deal with weak magnetic ores, especially iron oxide ores.


Magnetite MAGNETIC separation: Magnetite ore belongs to the ore of high and secondary hydrothermal contact metasomatism deposit. The most effective separation method for this ore is PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. The separation process is equipped with one or two stages of dry magnetic separation or fine separation products.

what is magnetic bead separation?

After two or three stages of fine grinding for further deep separation products, and then two or three stages of wet MAGNETIC separation, the final concentrate product is obtained. Wet magnetic separation is generally carried out by PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. The bottom groove of one or two stages of magnetic separator is mostly downflow type, and the bottom groove of three or four stages is mostly semi-countercurrent type. In the direct magnetic separation of ore discharge by mushroom machine, countercurrent type or concurrent type are used.

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