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Main equipment PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR replacement process of PTMS separation magnetite
Time: Apr 18,2024

Remove iron from lithium iron phosphate

Over the years, the PTMS separation magnemain equipment ——PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, roughly three updates: the first generation of commonly used with type electromagnetic PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, magnetic system vertical downward, but can't see the pole outside the cylinder, magnetic measuring point position, can sprinkle some iron powder outside the cylinder, pole edge attract iron powder is more, magnetic shape can be shown.


The second generation, the widespread application of φ 600 and φ 750 mm strontium ferrite permanent magnet cylinder PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR, the use method and precautions in the equipment with the instructions, according to the instructions can be operated. If there is no iron powder, you can also use the nail to find a point. Where the nail can stand upright on the cylinder surface is the center of the magnetic pole (or the center of the polar gap). After finding the exact position, mark with chalk or brush, and then make the magnetic strength measurement point by point.

what is magnetic separation?

The third generation gradually promoted φ 1050 series ferrite or rare earth —— ferrite composite magnetic system permanent magnet PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR; and the new technology of magnetic dressing concentrate is widely used for re-grinding and redressing, thus significantly improving the technical index of magnetite ore dressing.

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