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PTMS Electromagnetic Separator should be adjusted to a moderate position
Time: Feb 17,2024

Silica Sand Processing Line

High strength PTMS Electromagnetic Separator is specially developed for the beneficiation of weak magnetic ore. The strong magnetic force combined with the feedstock can effectively remove weak magnetic oxides from the non-magnetic feedstock and effectively reduce the iron content of the mineral: Such as coastal sand ore, feldspar, quartz stone, andalusite, chalk, magnesite, kyanite, light burned magnesium, bauxite, andalusite, etc.;


Enrichment of magnetic minerals, such as garnet, ilmenite, Muscovite, mica, etc. Magnetic separation of iron-bearing minerals: hematite, limonite, manganese ore, etc. Wet PTMS Electromagnetic Separator will obviously affect the separation index if the magnetic system deflection Angle is inappropriate. The so-called magnetic declination Angle is the Angle between the center line of the magnetic system arc and the vertical line of the cylinder center.

what is magnetic separation in Quartz?

When the magnetic system deviates, the tailings grade is low, but when the concentrate can not be lifted to the concentrate end and fall off, the tailings grade will increase. If the magnetic system is tilted forward, the concentrate will be raised too high, the sweep selection will be shortened, and the tailings grade will be increased, so the PTMS Electromagnetic Separator magnetic system deflection Angle should be adjusted to a moderate position.

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