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PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR According to the main part of the magnetic separator
Time: Apr 22,2024

Quartz Processing line 

PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR According to the different structure of the main body of the magnetic separator, the equipment can be divided into drum magnetic separator, roller magnetic separator, disk magnetic separator, ring magnetic separator, tape magnetic separator, etc. Cartridge magnetic separator design cylinder is magnetic separation function structure, mostly weak magnetic field and medium magnetic field magnetic separator, external cylinder to protect the internal magnetic system, so it is called cylinder type;


The magnetic separation face of roller PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is completed on a circular roller with ring belt structure, mainly including the induction roller type magnetic separator with external magnetic field and the permanent magnet roller type magnetic separator is completed in the sorting disk;

what is magnetic bead separation?

The magnetic separation medium of ring PTMS MAGNETIC SEPARATOR is installed in the ring band structure. The ring magnetic separation machine is developed on the basis of disk magnetic separation machine, and its working principle is similar; the magnetic induction electrode of belt magnetic conveyor absorbs magnetic particles from the belt and moves continuously to the second magnetic system, thus forming the continuous discharge of magnetic minerals.

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