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PTMS magnetic separator adopts advanced processing technology
Time: May 13,2023

iron separator machine

PTMS magnetic separator adopts advanced processing technology and selects high quality wear-resistant and pressure-resistant raw materials. Durable, stable operation, high production efficiency, low failure rate, long service life, wide range of application. Compared with other enterprises, PTMS magnetic separator has a lower price. The main reason is that we are a direct selling enterprise with our own R & D, manufacturing and sales team.

PTMS magnetic separator

PTMS magnetic separator equipment is used directly in the factory without the influence of middlemen. Permanent magnet series is an important equipment for mine enterprises to screen concentrate and recover tailings, and permanent magnet drum is one of them. In recent years, we are committed to the performance and application research of permanent magnet magnetic separator. We specialize in the production of permanent magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, iron, grinding machine, dust removal equipment and a series of mining equipment.

what is magnetic separation process?

In recent years, the company has won the praise of many customers and friends for its solid product quality and meticulous after-sales service. PTMS magnetic separator can modify different types of equipment according to customer requirements. In short, from the customer's point of view, it always creates a magnetic separator with a magnetic separation effect suitable for the customer.

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