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PTMS magnetic separator can be used for the separation of ilmenite
Time: Sep 07,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

Separation of metal lead from copper: Mixtures of metal copper and lead are difficult to separate by general physical beneficiation methods. Stirring with a pH of 9 and a dispersed colloidal solution with 20 ml of amine, a hydrophobic film was formed on the surface of copper, while lead did not. Magnetite is also coated with surfactants. After dry operation, the stirred material is dry sorted with PTMS magnetic separator.


The second experiment was conducted in the same manner. PTMS magnetic separator technicians introduce only the metal surface is first treated with 10% nitric acid to remove the oxide on its surface. Figure 5-7 shows the results. Copper is selectively coated. When sorting materials treated with acid, the separation index of copper grade greater than 99.5% and recovery rate of 99.6% was obtained, which almost achieved complete separation.

what is magnetic separation process ?

The specific gravity of titanium minerals is higher than that of non-metallic gangue minerals, so PTMS magnetic separator can be used for the separation of ilmenite. This method is suitable for coarse-grade impregnation and fine-grade aggregate impregnation of ilmenite. The general gravity separation process is to remove gangue minerals and desliming through spiral chute, shaking table and other gravity separation equipment after coarse crushing and medium crushing, which has the characteristics of low production cost and less environmental pollution.

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