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PTMS magnetic separator device working principle is explained in detail
Time: Aug 02,2023

Electromagnetic Separation for Quartz Processing line

The working principle of PTMS magnetic separator equipment: After the slurry flows into the tank through the feed box, the ore particles enter the feed area of the tank in a loose state under the action of the water flow of the feed pipe. In the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic agglomeration of the magnetic particles forms a "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain", "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" in the pulp by the magnetic force, the magnetic pole movement, and is adsorbed on the cylinder.

PTMS magnetic separator

Because the polarity of the magnetic poles is alternating along the direction of PTMS magnetic separator cylinder rotation, and fixed at work, the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" when rotating with the cylinder, due to the alternating magnetic poles and magnetic stirring phenomenon, the gangue and other non-magnetic minerals that are included in the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" are turned over. The air worn by the wind carries the material into the magnetic separators through the lower duct.

what is magnetic separation in Feldspar?

After rectification by the inner cone, the coarse powder is slowed down and rises along the annular channel between the outer cone and the inner cone. The coarse powder slips into the coarse powder along the side wall of the outer cone by gravity settling. PTMS magnetic separator After gravity separation, the air with the material particles is guided by the wind vane and the rotation of the rotor. A stable horizontal vortex separation zone is formed between the vane and the rotor.

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