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PTMS magnetic separator equipment refinement and proprietary
Time: Jul 12,2022

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With the application of automatic control technology and monitoring technology in mining enterprises, the automation level of mining equipment manufacturing is also improved correspondingly, and the precision requirements of magnetic separation equipment in the field of magnetic mineral separation are becoming higher and higher. At present, the development of PTMS magnetic separator is developing towards the following five trends:

PTMS magnetic separator

1. Refinement of PTMS magnetic separator equipment

Considering the actual needs of mineral magnetic separation production in mining enterprises, mineral processing equipment manufacturers pay more attention to the fine design of equipment components of PTMS magnetic separator while continuously expanding the capacity of equipment. In terms of magnetic system design, more high-performance permanent magnet materials are introduced, and magnetic system structure design is optimized at the same time, and auxiliary magnetic system is added to reduce magnetic leakage phenomenon to the maximum extent and improve the accuracy of magnetic separator for mineral separation.

what is magnetic separation method?

2. Proprietary PTMS magnetic separator equipment

At present, the application scope of magnetic separator is expanding and the refinement degree of mineral separation is improving, so it is necessary to strengthen the separation characteristics of PTMS magnetic separator, so as to make it widely applicable to various fields and expand the application field.

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