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PTMS Magnetic separator for processing strong magnetic red
Time: May 30,2023

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Weak Magnetic field should be used for sorting operations such as red with strong magnetic properties. Materials with weak magnetic properties and scanning operations should be processed with high field strength. When the current is constant, changing the size of the working gap can not only change the strength of the magnetic field, but also change the magnetic field gradient, reducing the gap and dramatically increasing the magnetic force.

PTMS magnetic separation

The PTMS Magnetic separator should be minimized according to the size of the treated particles in order to increase its recovery rate. When selecting, the gap should be enlarged to increase selectivity and achieve the purpose of improving grade, but at the same time, the excitation current should be increased appropriately to ensure the required magnetic field intensity. The feed rate is determined by the speed of the vibration tank (or belt).

what is magnetic separation?

The speed of PTMS Magnetic separator determines the mechanical force of the mineral particle stay time in the magnetic field. The greater the speed, the shorter the mineral particle stay in the magnetic field. The mechanical force of the mineral particle is dominated by gravity and inertia knife.

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