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PTMS magnetic separator has a stronger magnetic flux than the permanent magnet series
Time: Jun 01,2023

Mineral processing equipment

PTMS magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and versatile devices in the industry for the separation of magnetically differentiated substances. It is widely used in mining, wood industry, kiln industry, chemical, food and other industries. And for the mining industry, it is suitable for wet or dry magnetic separation of manganese ore, magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite, hematite and other materials with particle size below 50mm. It is also used for the removal of iron from non-metallic ores, building materials and other materials.

PTMS magnetic separator

PTMS magnetic separator is divided into two categories: electromagnetic series and permanent magnet series. The magnetic series of the permanent magnet series are mostly made of high quality ferrite materials or combined with rare earth magnetic steel. In the early days, the average magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic cylinder surface was 80-400mT. With the continuous development of technology, after it can be made into roller shape, the magnetic field intensity has also been increased to 1650mT, which has been the highest measured magnetic field intensity of permanent magnet at present.

what is magnetic separation method ?

Compared with the permanent magnet series, PTMS magnetic separator has stronger magnetic flux and is often more effective. But because of its electromagnetic nature, it consumes electricity, is vulnerable to damage and is difficult to maintain, which makes enterprises with low budget fall into the embrace of permanent magnet one after another.

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