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PTMS magnetic separator is an economical way for large scale hematite ore
Time: May 25,2023

magnetic separator factory

After the hematite is graded by the cyclone, the bottom flow returns to the ball mill for grinding again, and the overflow is transported by pipe to the permanent magnet magnetic drum for a stage of magnetic separation. The concentrate of the first stage of magnetic separation is transported by the pump to the vibrating screen for classification, and the products on the screen return to the second stage ball mill for grinding again. The product of the second stage ball mill and the concentrate of the same PTMS magnetic separator are transported to the vibrating screen by the same pump.

PTMS magnetic separation

The products under the screen are piped to the permanent magnet demineralseparator for separation. The concentrate obtained enters the PTMS magnetic separator drum for secondary magnetic separation. The second stage of magnetic separation concentrate is transported by pipeline to the ceramic filter for filtration, and the filter cake is transported to the concentrate bin for storage by the belt conveyor. The tailings of the second stage magnetic separation, the first stage magnetic separation and the permanent magnetic dewatering tank are sent to the tailings pond by the dry drainage process.

what is magnetic separation in Kaolin?

Hematite belongs to weakly magnetic iron ore. The main beneficiation processes available are magnetic separation, flotation and gravity separation, among which PTMS magnetic separator is an economical way to make use of hematite on a large scale. The main composition of hematite is iron trioxide, hematite has weak magnetism, higher specific gravity, good floatability, which is the main mineral processing basis of hematite.

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