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PTMS magnetic separator is used for weakly magnetic minerals containing rare metals
Time: Sep 26,2023

Silica Sand Processing Line

The material to be separated is fed into the feed hopper and then evenly onto the PTMS magnetic separator feed cylinder. At this time, the strong magnetic mineral in the raw material is attracted by the magnetic force on the surface of the feed cylinder and is brought down into the receiving hopper. The rest of the material goes into the screen and is screened, and the lower part of the screen falls onto the vibration groove, and this part of the material is transported to the working gap under the disk by the vibration groove.


The magnetic ore particles in the material are sucked to the edge of the disk by the strong magnetic field, and turn to the outside of the vibration tank with the disk. Because the magnetic field strength drops sharply here, they fall into the hopper on both sides of the vibration tank under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. Non-magnetic ore particles are discharged from the end of the vibrating tank. PTMS magnetic separator weak magnetic, strong magnetic separation recovery of iron, gravity separation recovery of tin combined mineral processing principle.

what is magnetic separation method?

PTMS magnetic separator is mainly used for the separation of weak magnetic coarse concentrate containing rare metal minerals, such as coarse tungsten concentrate. Selection of mixed concentrates such as ilmenite, zirconite and monazite. The magnetic separators used in the concentrator are single, double and three disks. Among them, the double disk is used more.

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