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PTMS Magnetic Separator is used to remove iron powder from the re-used particle
Time: Jan 05,2023

Magnetic magnetic separator

PTMS Magnetic Separator adheres to the philosophy of "Customer, Quality, Improvement, and...". The concept of quality, as well as the "customer-oriented, to the letter city, to honesty" business philosophy, sincerity and domestic and foreign customers for survival, common development, determined to become the construction of advanced magnetic separator production suppliers.

PTMS magnetic separation

PTMS Magnetic Separator is a screening device used to remove iron powder from re-used powder particles. After the slurry flows into the tank through the feed box, under the action of the water flow of the feed pipe, the ore particles enter the feed area of the tank in a loose state. In the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic agglomeration of magnetic particles and the formation of "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain", "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" in the pulp by the magnetic force, to the magnetic pole movement, and be adsorbed on the cylinder.

what is magnetic separation in science?

Because the polarity of the Magnetic pole is arranged alternating along the rotation direction of the cylinder and is fixed when working, the magnetic stirring phenomenon of the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" occurs due to the alternations of the magnetic poles when the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" rotates with the cylinder, and the gangue and other non-magnetic minerals which are mixed in the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" fall off during the rotation. The concentrate is the "magnetic mass" or "magnetic lotus" that is eventually sucked on the surface of the cylinder.

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