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PTMS magnetic separator line for iron removal from raw ore
Time: May 24,2023

Magnetic separator equipment

PTMS magnetic separator has many advantages and provides good value at an affordable price. Therefore, no matter how high the price of magnetic separator, customers should be compared with other enterprises, but in the process of comparison, the quality of the product must be the main consideration for everyone. In addition, we also provide a variety of magnetic separators,

PTMS magnetic separation

Dry PTMS magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, provide a good choice. The magnetic separation production line is used to break the raw ore, and the crushed raw ore is transported to the ore storage bin by the belt feeder, and then fed to the ultrafine laminating automill by the electric vibration feeder for grinding.

what is magnetic separation method in hindi ?

The mineral materials are transported by pipeline to linear vibrating PTMS magnetic separator for screening, the products on the screen are transported to the mine bin by the large dip Angle belt conveyor, and then fed into the ball mill by the electric vibrating feeder for grinding. The grinding mineral materials enter the same pump pool with the products under the linear vibrating screen, and are transported to the hydraulic cyclone for classification by the sand pump.

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